At Sierra Nevada Laser Center, with  , we'll change the way you see the world.

Sierra Nevada Laser Center and Dr. Matti Vazeen are proud to announce the arrival of ALLEGRETTO WAVEŽ Excimer laser by  to Northern Nevada.   Dr. Vazeen is personally involved with all aspects of your care, from the initial consultation to the measurement and the calibration of the laser prior to surgery. Dr. Vazeen states,

"We treat one patient at a time and address their visual needs with a lifetime commitment".


Everyone's eyes have uniquely shaped corneas and prescription needs. The ALLEGRETTO WAVEŽ by is distinctly different from all other laser vision correction systems. This unique system combines pioneering Wavefront Optimized® and PerfectPulse Technology® which ensures that every laser pulse is accurately controlled, with innovative and reliable eye tracking and small-beam corneal shaping for unsurpassed accuracy. This integration of intelligent laser pulse control and ablation profiles is what makes ALLEGRETTO WAVEŽ by unique and enables Dr. Vazeen to tailor your treatment to your individuaal needs. Improving the quality of both your day and night vision

Company Profile

Sierra Nevada Laser Center is an independently owned center for  laser vision correction. Our center  offered the first fixed-site laser facility in Northern Nevada. The company operates a state of the art ; laser that delivers the most advanced corrective eye surgery available today. Sierra Nevada Laser Center has developed strong relationships with local and regional eye doctors to provide excellent corrective surgery.

Our Mission

At Sierra Nevada Laser Center our goal is to provide personalized care from step one, with life long commitment to our patients.